Special Session on "Joint Audio-Visual Processing"

3-5 October 2001, Cannes, France

It is generally agreed that the joint use of different media can significantly improve the effectiveness of a wide variety of applications from many different points of view, including a more effective use of limited resources such as transmission bandwidth or storage memory, the capability of immediately focusing the human attention on a desired part of the content, or the possibility of improving data understanding at a semantic level. This, in turn, requires that efficient processing tools capable of exploiting the mutual relationships between different media are developed. Nevertheless, the difficulty of jointly processing media with completely different characteristics, e.g. audio and visual data, explains why only a limited number of works dealing with truly multimedia processing appeared in the last years. Is, then, multimedia signal processing only a fashionable way to refer to works dealing with just one media at a time ? It is the purpose of this special session to demonstrate (once again) the feasibility and usefulness of multimedia signal processing, through the presentation of works describing new results in the field of joint audio-visual processing in different application scenarios.

Prospective works should focus either on theoretical aspects of how information stemming from audio and visual data can be jointly exploited, or deal with specific applications where joint audio-visual processing permits to get significant improvements with respect to media-wise processing.
Topics of interest include (but are not limited to)


Manuscript has to be submitted in electronic format (PS or PDF) to either of the following addresses:
Dr Mauro Barni
Department of Information Engineering
University of Siena
Via Roma 56, 53100
Siena - Italy
Dr Franco Bartolini
Department of Electronics and Telecommunications,
University of Florence,
Via S.Marta 3, 50139
Firenze - Italy

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