Instructions for Oral/Poster Presentations

Please refer to the preliminary program for the presentation schedule.

All workshop activities (including lecture and poster sessions, registration, internet connections, restaurant, etc.) will take place at Level -1 of the Radisson Hotel.


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Lecture presentations are allocated 20 minutes including 3-5 minutes for questions and answers.
Overhead projectors (for transparencies) and data projectors (for connection with laptop) will be available.

All lecture sessions are plenary sessions, and will be held at the auditorium 'Californie' (see map above).

Poster sessions are allocated one hour *.

Poster panel size is 2.00 m (height) by 1.50 m (wide).

Poster presentation may be combined with a technical demo.
Audio-visual and other equipment will be provided on request depending on availability.
To reserve such equipment please send your request by email  to by August 31.

Poster Sessions will be held at rooms 'Stokholm' (Room A) and 'Olso' (Room B) -- (see map above).

(*) There will be one poster session every morning and one every afternoon. day.
Posters may remain on display after the session but must be removed by:
1.00 p.m. for morning session, and 7.00 p.m. for afternoon session.

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