Special Session on "Watermarking for Industrial Applications"

3-5 October 2001, Cannes, France

Despite the exponentially growing number of contributions to the field of digital watermarking over the last five years only small progresses towards practical solutions have been made after the first seminal works were published. This is very surprising because numerous authors have suggested many clever techniques for hiding data more or less robustly into audio-visual signals. The main reason of this failure lies on the difficulty to cope with an impressive number of attacks and also on the lack of clear definitions for watermarking applications and requirements. The situation is clearly illustrated by the ironical name given by Philips Research to their watermarking algorithm: JAWS, standing for Jut Another Watermarking System.

There is clearly no answer to "what is the best watermarking technique?". But at least we can find some criteria helping to give answers in this direction. The academic answer is in term of capacity, robustness and imperceptibility. A more practical answer is the technique that achieves the requirements stemming from a targeted application.

This special session will focus on watermarking applications in the real world. Authors are invited make a description of their applications followed by a system analysis, or a threat analysis where the role of the watermarking functions is clearly stated. A list of requirements and the rationale behind the technical choices are welcome.

Topics of interest include (but are not limited to)

As we expect a large number of contributions, some papers may be included in regular sessions, if necessary.

We also call for demo proposals of watermarking techniques.


Manuscript has to be submitted in electronic format (MSWord, PDF PS) to either of the following addresses:
Teddy Furon
Security Lab, Thomson multimedia R&D
1, av. Belle Fontaine - BP 19
35511 Cesson-Sevigne Cedex
Dr Fabien A. P. Petitcolas
Microsoft Research
1 Guildhall Street
Cambridge CB2 3NH

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