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  1. At least one registration must be received for each accepted paper by July 6, 2001
    in order to avoid removal of the paper from the proceedings. If a paper has a single student author, he/she
    can register at student member /non-member rate. Otherwise, one author has to register at member/non-member rate.
  2. Each registrant will be sent a confirmation by e-mail, after having received the registration fee
  3. Students should provide an appropriate proof of their status by fax during advanced registration or on-site. Original proof
    must be presented at the conference.
  4. All other attendees please make use of the advance registration deadline (August 13, 2001) to benefit from lower fees.
    Please note that payment must be received by August 13, 2001 in order to benefit from lower registration fees.
  5. All payments must be sent in Euro (EUR). For your information daily euro foreign exchange reference rates can
    be found at the European Central Bank (www.ecb.int).
  6. Late registrations: on-line by September 27, 2001. After September 27, 2001 registrations only on-site.
  7. Refund policy: Cancellations are accepted only in writing. Processing fee 120 EUR for cancellations
    received by August 13, 2001. No refund after August 13, 2001.
MMSP 2001 Registration Form

Please check the total amount: this form was produced by a browser without javascript enabled.

Please print this form, indicate your method of payment, sign it, and fax it to:
Protravel, 2229 route des Cretes, 06560 Valbonne, France. Tel. +33 4 92 94 23 47, Fax +33 4 92 94 23 49,
E-mail: protravel_sophia@cica.fr

Please use a javascript-enabled browser for automatic form filling and checking.

Each registration is for one person only

Early/advance registration fees: IEEE member €, non-member €, student member €, student non-member €.

Late registration fees: IEEE member €, non-member €, student member €, student non-member €.

Any inquiries about accomodations should be sent by email to Protravel <protravel_sophia@cica.fr>.

Any inquiries about conference registration should be sent by email to the registration chair, Frederic Devernay <Frederic.Devernay@sophia.inria.fr>.

Personal Information
Family Name*
First Name(s)*
Father Name
Name on Badge*
Postal Address*
Zip Code*
IEEE Membership Status*
Member Number
Paper ID Number(s) If you have submitted papers in MMSP2001, please indicate the paper ID number(s)
(In order for your paper number(s) to be registered you must press each time,
including the last one, the \"SubmitPaperNo\")
"; inputfield("text","PaperNo",-1,4,-1,-1); ?>
Relevant web link wrt your paper(s).
Item QTY Amount (EURO)
Registration Fee
(technical sessions, welcome reception,
lunches, coffee breaks, banquet party,
conference proceedings hard copy
and one CD-ROM ).
Banquet Party
Will attend to the Banquet Party
Extra ticket
Extra ticket (vegeterian)
Hotel Rooms
The following rooms are available at the Radisson SAS Hotel in Cannes.
Please send inquiries about the accomodations to protravel_sophia@cica.fr
Room choice :
Reservation for the following nights

Total Payment    
Method of payment
BY CREDIT CARD: VISA / Mastercard  Card No. "; } ?>  Expiration Date (month/year) /
I hereby authorise Protravel to debit this credit card account as prepayment for the above noted Services and for the amounts indicated.
CARDHOLDER'S NAME:_____________________________ SIGNATURE______________
Beneficiary: Protravel SA IEEE 2001 MMSP Workshop Ref F9417
Account no: 30004-02249-00010122238-84, BNP Lyon Agence Centrale, Lyon, FRANCE

Date:________________________ Signature:_____________________ Payment can be made by credit card or bank transfer (information provided on next page).

"); // mail("jld@eurecom.fr", // "[MMSP01-reg] ".$selectTitle[$Title]." $Name $FamilyName", // $mailMessage."\n".$mailCSV."\n", // "From: ".$Name." ".$FamilyName." <".$Email.">"); } ?>